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We've always been open 7 days a week. Now that the sun is out longer and days are getting warmer, we are extending our hours so we're available when you need us. 


Squeal for Zeal

Introducing Zeal Optics

Castle Rock Bike & Ski is proud to introduce Boulder-based Zeal Optics to our family of products.  We are proud and pleased to carry so many Colorado-based companies in our store and Zeal's glasses (and snow goggles) fit well with our product mix.

 We encourage folks to shop local and we like buying (and selling) local products, too!  These shades are a grand slam: biodegradable; fashionable; functional; and local. What more could anyone ask for?

Bring Your Bicycle Repairs To Us!

Bike Not Working? 

Bring It In Today and You'll Be Riding in No Time 

We specialize in expert bicycle repair. Whether it's an old dust-covered rig you want to overhaul, your custom machine that needs a basic tune-up, or just a flat tire, bring your two-wheeled steed to us and we'll have it up and running right lickety-split. 

If you pay upfront for your tune-up and pick it up on its due date, we'll give you 10% OFF on your Repair*

(* Parts Not Included. Discount voided if bicycle is picked up after due date.)


The Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt is in the House 

The Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt -- the most anticipated new bike in the industry-- is now available at Castle Rock Bike & Ski.

The 2014 Thunderbolt combines 120mm of travel, alloy frame, 68.5 degree head angle, and 27.5” wheels to deliver a great mix of intuitive XC capabilities and pure playful trail fun. Rocky Mountain has developed a geometry that lends a more playful feeling to riding cross-country. They designed a short 426mm rear end on the Thunderbolt, tucking the 27.5” wheel in close to the rider for lots of maneuverability and agility. Also, the top tube has been lengthened from traditional Rocky Mountain designs to accommodate for today's shorter stems and wider bars. This is a super fun bike for balancing both XC and trail riding styles.

            Here are some of the things being said about this fabulous bike:

"The Thunderbolt is designed as a Jack-of-all trades model for riders who might race from time to time but spend most of their saddle time having fun on technical terrain." -- Bike Radar 

"Although it has just 120mm of travel, the Thunderbolt leans toward the aggressive side of trail riding. The 27.5-inch wheels roll easily over rough terrain, the 68.5-degree head tube provides stability on steeper descents, and the longer top tube (with short stem) keeps a rider’s weight just behind the front wheel, which offers precise steering without feeling skittish on technical trails. " -- Mountain Bike magazine 

"Sure to be one of 2014's biggest hits, the all new Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt sets a new standard for cross country riding. If you are looking for the finest  single platform for fast and flowing singletrack, exceptional climbing, PLUS Grand Slalom descents then the Thunderbolt is the one bike to turn to." -- BiKyle

"The Thunderbolt continues in Rocky’s Ride Tuned Concept meaning wheel size and suspension travel is all taken into consideration when designing a new bike. These factors have a big effect on the handling and performance of the bike which can require changes to the overall design to end up with the desired feel. Essentially, they’re not just taking an existing design and expanding or shrinking it to fit different wheels or travel." -- Bike Rumor

"When XC gets rowdy, the agile and playful Thunderbolt shines. With 120mm of SMOOTHLINK™ travel and 27.5” wheels, the Thunderbolt delivers a great mix of intuitive XC capabilities and pure, playful trail fun." -- Flow Mountain Bike

"When it comes to signature ride quality, Rocky Mountain has it nailed. Every bike that originates from this Canadian company has serious descending chops. That downhill comfort is just the way Rocky’s are built. On the flip-side, many of them are quite capable ascenders as well (though, in my tests, they are rarely the fastest to the top). With 2014 being the year of the 27.5 wheel, it makes sense that Rocky would launch what I’ll call the perfect execution of the tweener wheels." -- Feed The Habit

Ride in Style

Club Ride apparel has all the technical aspects you would expect from a high-quality cycling garment: turbo wicking material; anti-microbial; recycled and sustainable materials; pre-washed and lightweight. It also LOOKS GREAT! These are shirts and shorts (the chamoix liners are removable) you will want to wear as much off the saddle as you will on it. Two great garments in one! You don't need to adorned head to toe in tight-fitting lycra to be appropriately dressed for a ride. And when you want to be comfortable, yet stylish, Club Ride apparel is the perfect solution. Check out our selection today! 

Spot that Bike!

Spot Brand Bikes Now Available at Castle Rock Bike & Ski

We are proud to announce we have added Spot Brand Bicycles to our family of bike brands. Spot is a Colorado-based company that makes some of the industry's most innovative and fun bikes. The development of the carbon belt drive has introduced a level of strength and effeciency that would never have been possible in traditional drive trains. But the company's real goal is to make sure that once you’re in the saddle, you completely forget that any of it exists, and just enjoy the ride. After all, the best stories are about biking, not about bikes.

Come in and demo the single-speed, belt-drive 29er. It is one Schweet Ride! We also have 2x10 models in stock now. 


Ski and Board Rentals

Rent your gear with us before you head to the hills and you won't waste any time hitting the slopes.

Pick it up the day before you go skiing or riding; Drop it off the day after = One-day Rental

Adult Rentals $23 $30 $40

Junior Rentals $19

Kids Rentals $15

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