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Spot Brand Bikes Now Available at Castle Rock Bike & Ski

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We are proud to announce we have added Spot Brand Bicycles to our family of bike brands. Spot is a Colorado-based company that makes some of the industry’s most innovative and fun bikes. The development of the carbon belt drive has introduced a level of strength and effeciency that would never have been possible in traditional drive trains. But the company’s real goal is to make sure that once you’re in the saddle, you completely forget that any of it exists, and just enjoy the ride. After all, the best stories are about biking, not about bikes.

Come in and demo the single-speed, belt-drive 29er. It is one Schweet Ride! We also have 2×10 models in stock now.

Rocky Mountain Bicycles!


Squeal for Zeal

Introducing Zeal Optics

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Castle Rock Bike & Ski is proud to introduce Boulder-based Zeal Optics to our family of products.  We are proud and pleased to carry so many Colorado-based companies in our store and Zeal’s glasses (and snow goggles) fit well with our product mix.

We encourage folks to shop local and we like buying (and selling) local products, too!  These shades are a grand slam: biodegradable; fashionable; functional; and local. What more could anyone ask for?

Ride in Style

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Club Ride apparel has all the technical aspects you would expect from a high-quality cycling garment: turbo wicking material; anti-microbial; recycled and sustainable materials; pre-washed and lightweight. It also LOOKS GREAT! These are shirts and shorts (the chamoix liners are removable) you will want to wear as much off the saddle as you will on it. Two great garments in one! You don’t need to adorned head to toe in tight-fitting lycra to be appropriately dressed for a ride. And when you want to be comfortable, yet stylish, Club Ride apparel is the perfect solution. Check out our selection today!

Bring Your Bicycle Repairs To Us!

Bike Not Working?

Bring It In Today and You’ll Be Riding in No Time

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We specialize in expert bicycle repair. Whether it’s an old dust-covered rig you want to overhaul, your custom machine that needs a basic tune-up, or just a flat tire, bring your two-wheeled steed to us and we’ll have it up and running right lickety-split.

If you pay upfront for your tune-up and pick it up on its due date, we’ll give you 10% OFF on your Repair*

(* Parts Not Included. Discount voided if bicycle is picked up after due date.)


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